Boxout Brand Basketball (BOB) was created by founder, Danielle Chong (BA, Sport Management – Brock University) in 2016. Growing up with two older brothers it was always forced to play with “the boys.” At the time it wasn’t understood but playing sports with the boys not only helped with confidence, but  competitiveness and overall skill.

The mission of Boxout Brand Basketball is to provide opportunities to participants through community initiatives and events utilizing the sport of Basketball in a Coed Recreational setting. The importance of growing and friendly competition regardless of your gender. Although there may be differences the importance of being equal and coming together to participate in the sport of Basketball is the goal!

BOB aims to ensure that these opportunities are in a safe, fun and supportive manner while encouraging the development of a community in the sport of basketball.  BOB offers an organized environment for club members to enjoy physical activity, social development and competition.  Our executive consists of Basketball enthusiasts, professionals and coaches who are committed to the sport of basketball and its development in our community.


At a recreational level, to create a positive and fun place to compete where all participants can feel welcomed and experience a Basketball Coed setting like no other!


BOB has a very specific set of expectations for our stakeholders:

Players are expected to honour sportsmanship, fair play, rules of the game, team guidelines and respect facilities and equipment.

Coaches are expected to enthusiastically treat all players equally, exercise empathy, select age-appropriate activities and set players up for success.  Coaches will communicate effectively with players, parents and executive all matters that relate to those groups.

Parents and onlookers are expected to treat all stakeholders (players, coaches, executive, referees and visitors) with respect.  By registering their with BOB, the individual agrees to make every effort to have players at all games and practices on time and with appropriate equipment.

Executive members are expected to provide leadership for BOB by making decisions that reflect our Mission Statement and Vision.